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LP Hosts "Meet the Author Night" at Barnes & Noble

LP Hosts "Meet the Author Night" at Barnes & Noble
Posted on 05/16/2018
Lehigh Parkway Elementary celebrated its 3rd Annual Meet the Author Night at Barnes & Noble on Thursday, May 10, 2018.

This night celebrated the thirty-seven student authors who wrote, illustrated, edited, & published their very own books! Students had time to proudly display their work, sign autographs, and read their book to the large crowd of friends and family who attended. 

This inspirational aspiration has been the driving force behind this project’s efforts over the previous three years at Lehigh Parkway. Our students' ability to interact authentically with the writing process carries profound ramifications.

"At Lehigh Parkway, we feel this project instills a deep love for the methods of writing, editing, illustrating, and publishing that a non-participating student might lack. We observe that this venture allows our students to be creative, take risks, and think outside the box," said William Seng, Principal.  

The "I Am On A Bookshelf" project allows students to begin with the end in mind, be their own project manager, utilize time management, and stick to necessary deadlines. Students in the program have additional access and interaction to technology outside of the regular school day. The Meet the Author event to celebrate the completion of the program increases a student’s confidence in the public sphere and gives them the opportunity to practice their public speaking when they read their book to the audience.

The Lehigh Parkway students that signed up for this wonderful program share a common dream. A dream of that euphoric moment when a first-time author gazes upon their published work in a bookstore, and proudly boasts, “I Am On A Bookshelf!” The vision of Lehigh Parkway students making that ecstatic shout was the inspiration behind this project initiated by Mr. Don Stahl.

Dan's Camera City, Allentown School District Foundation, Robin Hohe, Don Stahl, the entire Lehigh Parkway school community, the Allentown School District and the individual donors that assisted this project all deserve special recognition.

Special thanks to Dan's Camera City, who captured photos of our students as they put the finishing touches on their books earlier this year: https://danscamera.com/about-us/blog/young-authors-at-lehigh-parkway-elementary/