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School Information

Lehigh Parkway Mascot

Our Mission Statement

Lehigh Parkway is a school where a child's love of learning is fully nurtured, and each child leaves a better person, who is a positive contributor to society. We are strongly committed to teachers, parents and the community working as a team. We pledge to provide a safe, supportive environment where forward looking ideas are embraced while the best of our traditions are preserved.

The school is situated close to one of the major city parks and has ample playground and green areas surrounding the school. Since its inception the school colors at Lehigh Parkway have been Green and Yellow. More recently the students have chosen the Panther to be the school Mascot. Each January 28th, "Parky" celebrates his birthday. Lehigh Parkway Elementary School strives to provide a strong basic education. There is also a strong commitment to building social skills. The school stands able and ready to serve the students and parents of the community.

School Time
8:30 AM- Doors Open
8:45 AM- School Begins for students
8:55 AM- Students are late after this time
11:40 AM- AM Kindergarten dismisses

12:15 AM- PM Kindergarten session begins
1:25 PM- Kindergarten is late after this time
3:15 PM- All students dismissed

Calendar of Events
A calendar is sent home with your child during the last week of each month. It will contain important information for the following month. Non-emergency school closings, early dismissals, field trips, PTA meetings, programs, etc. will be listed on the school calendar for your convenience. Please remind your child to bring it home as soon as it has been distributed. An online version is listed on our website as well.

See School Uniform Policy

Homework is an extension of the teaching-learning process. We believe that homework is an essential part of a child's education. For homework to be effective, it must be purposeful and related to the needs of the student. Through the cooperation of teachers and parents, homework can be a positive aspect of the educational process.

Lost and Found
All lost and found articles are to be taken to the school office. Items that are marked with the child's name will be returned. Unidentified will be placed on a table just inside the all-purpose room. Children who lose an item should check this table and/or at the office as soon as possible.

Child Nutrition Services: Child Nutrition Services understands that good nutrition is essential to a student's health and development. Child Nutrition Services encourages our students to eat nutritious school meals in an effort to enable each student to concentrate and learn. For more information feel free to contact us at Child Nutrition Services- 484-765-4710.

Lehigh Parkway has breakfast on the go which is served from 8:30-8:45 at no cost to students.

Nurse, HRA & Medication
A nurse and HRA (health room assistant) are available each day. These individuals will administer to children who become sick, require medication, or are hurt during school hours. Please make sure the office has current telephone numbers, so you can be contacted if your child becomes ill. All health related information is considered confidential.

The dental hygienist is assigned to Lehigh Parkway half a day per month. She checks teeth for Kindergarten and Grades 3 & 5 students. She also offers lessons on dental care for Grades 1, 2, and 4.

Parents are Not Permitted to send medication with their child to be administered during school hours. An "Authorization for Medication" form must be filled out and signed by both the family physician and the parent if the child;s health warrants medication during school hours. All medication is kept in the Health Room. It must be in the original container and labeled with the child's name, the name of the medication, the amount to be taken, and the time the child is to take the medication

In order to maximize instructional time during the school day, we discourage parties, treats, etc. being held in the classroom. If you plan to share a birthday treat, please bring the treat to the office and we will see that it is shared during lunch. The ASD Policy #246 on Student Wellness states such treats "shall be supportive of healthy eating and student wellness." All treats must be individually wrapped. No cakes will be served.

Photo Release
Throughout the school year, individual and small group photographs and video recordings may be taken of students as they participate in various activities. These may be used to publicize and promote district activities in local newspapers, district-published newsletters, brochures, school yearbooks, or in workshops and seminars in which the district participates, with the possibility that students may or may not be identified by name.
A form will be sent home at the beginning of the school year. Please read, sign and return to the office.

All students participate in Art, Library, Music and Physical Education on a rotating 8 day cycle. Recommendation of sneakers for physical education class.  Library books are checked out for 1st -5th grade, students must return their library books in order to check out new ones.   The art and music teachers work hard to provide a well rounded education of fun activities throughout the school year. 

School Messenger
For your information, this automated voice message system is used for attendance reminders and other important messages. Remember to have a current phone number available in the school office.

The security office at Lehigh Parkway is responsible for the general safety and security of the students, teachers, staff and visitors.

Student Safety

No child will be allowed to leave the school building during school hours without a written note from the parent or guardian. Children will be released ONLY to parents or legal guardians unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

Skateboards, roller blades, walkman and electronic equipment are NOT allowed in school or on school property or on school field trips. All CELL PHONES MUST BE TURNED OFF and placed in student's backpack upon entering the building. The school will NOT be responsible if these items are brought to school and damaged or stolen.

Student of the Month and Principal's Awards
Every child is given the opportunity to receive either award. The "Student of the Month: is awarded to a student in each class who has worked exceptional hard throughout the month in any academic area. The "Principal's Award" is given to any student who demonstrates outstanding leadership and/or service to the school, staff, fellow students, or the community. These awards will be sent home with your child in his/her book bag.

Twenty-Five Books
The Pennsylvania State Standards recommends that students independently read 25 books each year. These books are expected to be at their instructional reading level and to represent a variety of genres. At the end of the school year, Lehigh Parkway students are rewarded for meeting this goal. Please encourage your student to read and properly record their books.

Parents and other individuals are welcome to visit the school with approval from the office. All visitors will be checked in with the school's check-in system. You must have a driver's license or photo id to enter the building. Parents wishing to visit in a classroom for an extended time must have prior approval from the office.

Lehigh Parkway School welcomes parent volunteers and school helpers. Volunteers may assist the teacher in or outside the classroom. They may also assist students by reviewing skills and reinforcing learning. Please contact the school office if you are interested in volunteering. ASD Volunteer Information, Forms and Details, click here.